Conquest of Mexico

Conquest can denote positive change,
like the conquest of fears so strange.
Conquest of a people is rather bleak,
like collapsing an empire at its peak.

The Aztecs were a brutal empire,
enslaving their neighbors so dire.
Sacrificing people on the temple block,
hearts ripped out on the rock.

Spanish conquistadors came to town,
to bring the mighty Aztec Empire down.
Gold and silver were their main intent,
Catholic Church gave their consent.

Weapons of war killed many natives,
in this realm humans are creative.
Small pox killed like it was Hell bent,
Catholic Church said it was Heaven sent.

Inquisition prisons were quickly erected,
to save the souls of those infected.
Fires were stoked to kill the heathens,
their necks chained together and beaten.

As the flames destroyed their body,
their screams turned into weird squeals.
The temperature within their skulls,
rose so high their heads exploded.

Mexico remembers the past and present,
embracing both without lament.
They celebrate their heritage like no others,
Mexico is full of sisters and brothers.

Lamar University

Lamar University has a place,
in East Texas space.
It has students of all kinds,
and employee friends of mine.

Fireball was a crazy fool,
electrician short of tools.
Like his name implies,
a ball of fire hit his eyes.

Larry is a sad case,
cooked by steam in the face.
Never go in the sun again,
his pink skin would not tan.

Bertrand brothers were big men,
they made excellent friends.
Boilers were their show,
one day a big one would blow.

It blew out the walls,
sent metal and concrete balls.
Sheets of metal were found,
all across the campus ground.

Corbet and Mike knew me best,
they were different than the rest.
They claimed I was touched,
since lightening always struck.


Fishing is a pastime,
for many folks.
It’s also a business,
that’s no joke.

Some people fish,
just to survive.
Fishing keeps them,
and family alive.

Many bodies of water,
pose a certain risk.
Three times monthly,
you can eat the fish.

If you lack success,
in your fishing,
find a local shaman,
to appease spirits watching.

Hook, line, and sinker,
are used by most.
Nets, explosives, and electricity,
are rather gross.

Bow and arrow,
is very sporting.
Hand thrown spear,
while out boating.

Fish aren’t that bright,
easy to deceive.
But they do have skills,
hard to believe.

They have a nose,
with which to smell.
They have large eyes,
and see quite well.

Their hearing is good,
but you can’t see ears.
Their tiny brain,
generates fears.

Heaven and Hell

to heaven.

to hell.



the sun.

the dark.

fall down.

fall in.

with both.

still can.

Pool Hall

Pool Hall was the place to be,
if you had people to see.
Dealers, gamblers, rejects, and thugs,
there you could see their mugs.

Tony kept the police out,
a reputation he could tout.
Bill was his right hand,
his son and large man.

Sandy and Blat had the hands,
to hustle players and bands.
Conyers and Cager were crazy,
and also very lazy.

Snooker was the game of choice,
it requires skill and voice.
Nine Ball was next in line,
winning lots of money is fine.

Eight Ball,
played by all,
had no allure,
it was unpure.