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It is without doubt the case that our world is more politically unstable than at any time in my memory. Large numbers of people feel left behind both economically and socially. As a result, they are turning to populist—or at least popular—politicians who have limited experience of government and whose ability to take calm decisions in a crisis has yet to be tested. So that would imply that a Doomsday Clock should be moved closer to a critical point, as the prospect of careless or malicious forces precipitating Armageddon grows.

The Earth is under threat from so many areas that it is difficult for me to be positive. The threats are too big and too numerous.

Source: Hawking, Stephen “Brief Answers to Big Questions”. Bantam Books 2018

Published by Black Cloud

Unique individual with a passion for the strange and unusual aspects of our existence.

4 thoughts on “Doomsday

  1. I know how you feel. I have been thinking about this a lot and trying to see what surfaces in my spirit to blog about where we are and where we are going as a collective humanity. Stay faithful to that positive energy that you have! It is needed!!!

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  2. Reblogged this on Some View on the World and commented:
    What is happening in the world in recent months frightens many people.
    A majority of those people have no knowledge of what is written in the Holy Scriptures or the Bible about times that are bound to come. When we read the mentioned prophecies of those “Last Days”, it is safe to say that we can see many features of that coming time coming upon us. This need not alarm us, but rather reassure us, for those who believe in the One True God, can now watch as we draw closer to that promised time of the coming Kingdom of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

    But that does not mean we can just stand by without doing anything.

    We are supposed to take care of nature according to the commandments of the only True God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, Who has given us that nature in loans. Bad enough, man has rather selfishly tried to produce and acquire as much material as possible without regard to that nature, which he has gradually damaged so much that it is already five past twelve to come to the rescue of that nature.


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